What to Wear to an Engagement Party [updated January 8, 2021]

Dress Like Marisol from Devious Maids: Lace Dress

In August 2016 Devious Maids character Marisol brandished a sexy blue lace dress to an engagement party.

Marisol Suarez's Blue Lace Dress on Devious Maids | Pradux
Marisol Duarte wearing the blue lace Azalea dress by Self Portrait on the scene of the sitcom Devious Maids.

The blue lace dress that Ana Ortiz (actress who plays Marisol) wore on season 4 episode 10 of Devious Maids is the Azalea Dress by Self Portrait

This blue lace dress is perfect to wear to an engagement party

when you want to be a little dirty

but for the most part

you want to look nice and appropriate.

The Azalea dress by Self Portrait serves



and girly-flirty

all at the same time.

devious maids lace dress

Here is your chance to have a dress like that.

SHOP … Lace Dress Beige Pink

“Just because you want to join the party does not mean you are required to stay until the last drunk passes out.”
― Sophia Dembling

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2 thoughts on “What to Wear to an Engagement Party [updated January 8, 2021]

  1. i just saw that episode of devious maids i love that show. the dress that Marisol was wearing looks just like this one. I am going to New Jersey for an engagement party and i will be buying this for sure.


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