What to Wear to a Party in Winter [updated May 3, 2021]

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The Dance Print Pia Top by Roksanda is perfect for looking elegant and classy at a party.

This light pink based top gives off a fun vibe along with the large art-deco flowers which give off a modern hippie look.

The high neck will make your breasts look bigger without making you look like a tart desperate for attention.

If you decide to wear the Roksanda Dance Print top to a winter party, feel free to wear a thin long sleeve crew neck top underneath to keep you feeling warm and secure.

60s style  crop top sweater showing cleavage
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“Let me run game, talk is cheap, so let me take aim.

Actions without distraction, simple conversations mean more to you than diamonds and the mansions, Haa, let me stop.

Go ahead & run some game of your own; Feed my inner animal with your voice, your gestures, your walk.

Those glances, all so intentional.

Filling my senses like you got all the sense in this.”
― Jose R. Coronado

Party Sweaters for Women

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This green ribbed turtle neck sweater is hot.

Your breasts are going to stand out.

If you are trying to get your freak on

( whether short or long term)

it is a great idea to

brandish this sweater when you are

around your soon to be lover.

The sweater is slim fit so it won’t make you look bulky.

You will be nice and tight in this winter sweater.

Brandish this green turtleneck top with black leather – looking pants.

You can also brandish it with a long or short skirt.

If you brandish it with a short skirt it is a good idea to rock some tights or panty-hose too.

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“Every interaction is a game.

When you stop playing, you are being played.”
― Ben Yareem

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Save the skin-baring clothes for the hot sultry days of summer vacation.

Looking sexy at a party in the winter is all about brandishing personality.

You can brandish this pink belted sweater at a party with pantyhose – tights and boots.

It is appropriate because it covers the skin of your breast, and your arms.

The belted feature accentuates your waist so you will still feel sexy.

The ribbed velvet fabric will keep you comfortable in heavy air conditioned rooms.

This pink top will hide your booty as well as any unwanted belly bloat.

Hiding your booty is key if you are trying to show a guy that you are a good-girl.

In order to dress elegantly you need to be conservative in your fashion choices.

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“Don’t lose yourself in a man, that’ll make you lose your pizzazz indefinitely. Instead, lose yourself in your own sensuality and you’ll forever enchant him.”
― Lebo Grand

Brown cable knit high neck sweater

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Being sexy and comfortable at a winter party is easy to do.

Brandish a crop cable knit high neck sweater with a high waist leather bottom.

The leather bottom will make your outfit look hype

the cable knit sweater will keep you from looking fat

plus the cable knit sweater keeps you comfortable and warm

against the high pressure air conditioning at the party.


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Party Shirts for Women


SHOP … green blouse with accent ribbon

purple leather handbags on sale
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SHOP … purple handbag

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Deep Ebony
deep ebony black ankle boots

SHOP … deep ebony black ankle boots

Black ankle boots are a great investment because you are able to brandish them throughout the entire year.

Ankle boots are the most flattering when they are slim to your ankle.

If you love wearing skinny jeans they look great tucked inside of ankle boots.

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5 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Party in Winter [updated May 3, 2021]

  1. Figuring out what to wear to a party when its cold has been an issue for me since I moved to New York from Florida. These sweaters are sexy and I see myself wearing one of these. Honestly I like them all but my budget just cant.


  2. I just moved to Atlanta and it gets cold here. Since Im single I plan on going to a lot of parties once corona virus goes away. I might have to get that first sweater with the crop top.


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